mandag, juli 30, 2007

Engagement Party

Last Saturday the family arranged an engagement party for the two of us. It was really fun! Thanks so much guys for all your time, help and effort! Both me and Shane had a really good nite :-)
I will put up photos as soon as I get them.

It's not usual for us Norwegians to have engagement parties, but I seriously think we should start that trend! You get two sets of presents! :-)

I got to meet more relatives and friends, it was quite a few people. We had good food, good music, and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Never seen one before, but I loved that thing. You know how a water fountain look like...? Well, just imagine that there's chocolate coming out, not water! It was amazing.
We also had a few games, and my bridal party dressed me up in a wedding dress made of toiletpaper! (not sure if I'm gonna put that on flickr :P)
Then we cut the cake. It almost felt like a wedding. So I guess I'm well prepared for the big day ;-)

søndag, juli 22, 2007

The proposal

Many of you may have seen the webpage Shane made for me when he proposed over the internet last year. It was very creative!

So I was surprised when I got a SECOND proposal in Norway :-) (Well, he already told me he was going to do that, but he didn't tell me when). So on the night to our 13 months anniversary he took me out.
This time on a romanting outing at the beach that I grew up by! He had gotten two of our good friends to arrange something special for me, so when we rocked up it was all set with blankets, candles and good food! We even had a view to the sea and the sunset :-) (Hope to put a photo of it on soon)
It was the best night I'd had :-) He was very romantic and did very good in proposing a second time. He had written a song to me, and he sang it too!
After that he kinda got on his knee and asked me to be his wife... awe! :-)

So guys... I really am getting married! On the 8th of September in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It's not long till now. For those of you who aren't gonne be there... We're planning on sending the wedding live on the net! Isn't that crazy!? Anyways, more info will come on that. So hopefully you'll still be able to see us getting married :-)

Thank you so much honey for the lovely surprise! You really did surprise me, hehe :-) (You can hopefully read more about that later on on Shane's blog)
Jeg elsker deg! You rock my world ;-)

tirsdag, juli 17, 2007

From Norway to Australia to Thailand (soon...)

Currently I'm in Perth living at the Beckingham's palace :-)
It's winter here right now, but it feels like Norwegian summer!
Berit and Gunnar came a week later than us and have also been staying here. They've now found an apartment where they'll live during their studying.

Me and Shane had a wonderful time in Norway. Just wish we could have stayed abit longer. The wedding was sweet. Berit and Gunnar were SO CUTE together! They had put together an amazing party.
Shane got to see Norwegian wedding traditions, so we have some ideas for OURS now ;-)

On our way to Perth, we got to spend a whole day in Hong Kong. That was SO cool! It was a crazy city filled with sky scrapers and jungle. That's how it seemed like anyways.

I'll see if I'm able to put on some photos for you later on...
God's blessings to all of you

fredag, mai 25, 2007

Almost there

My sweetheart is coming in 3 days, and my excitement is getting higher and higher each day.
We haven't seen each other since November last year, that's over six months! I am so thankful that we don't have to wait anymore, and best of all we don't have to be apart.
Shane will be here on wednesday morning on the 30th, and the DTS is arranging an engagement party for us that same night!

We have a pretty hectic schedule for the next few months, but atleast we get to be together.
That helps a lot.
So Shane is coming with me to Norway for about three weeks visiting my family and friends, and then I'm traveling back with him to Perth in the beginning of July. We'll be doing wedding preps and such for about 5 weeks before we go back to Thailand again to join the DTS workshops for 10 days. After that we're planning on visiting my relatives, but are not sure yet if that will be possible. My mom and sis will already be there, and we would love to travel with them back up to Chiang Rai. By the time we're there it will only be two weeks untill we get married:-)

Life is busy, but i love my life as it is. We just had Dan Baumann teach here for the week. That was really good, and i had a lot of burdens lifted off of my shoulders. GO GOD! :-)

torsdag, april 05, 2007


Ummm... I was thinking of something clever/fun to write, but I can't think of anything. I'm completely out of ideas. So I figured I would just give you guys an update on whats been happening lately in my life.

When it's comes to school, everything is going great. The students seem to be more into the program, and I think it's been going easier for all of us. Something sad tho, is that two of our Indian students have to leave back to their country next week cuz of their visa situation. It sucks. It may be a possibility that one of them is able to come back if she gets a new visa. So I would appreciate your prayers in this.

My weddingplans are slowly coming together. There's lots of stuff to consider and think about, but we're getting there :-) I found a really nice wedding dress in Chiang Mai which I might be using. It's SO beautiful!

Friday night is International Night, that means that we'll make a meal or do something that represents our own country. I will make RISENGRYNSGRØT and RISKREM! Mmmmmmm!

Songkran and second outreach is coming up soon... Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New Year, and throwing loads of water on each other is a part of that :-) I can't wait to get cooled down, it's seriously HOT here right now.

My good friend, Katie, from Alaska just arrived a week ago! She will be helping the school with the accounts.

And last but not least, SHANE is coming (finally!) next month to Chiang Rai! We haven't seen each other since November last year!!! Crazy, I know. So I'm just counting down the days now ;-)

torsdag, mars 29, 2007


Isn't she beautiful?

They are SO cute together!

May God bless your marriage.

On the 23rd of March 2007 my dad married Adriana. I'm so happy for them! My dad really deserves an amazing woman like Adri. I'm sad tho, that I couldn't be there for their wedding... But my heart still overflows with joy for my dad and his wife!
I really look forward to get to know you more. You seem like an awesome woman of God! I'm really glad that you guys are gonna spend the rest of your life together :-) Me and Shane will see you in June. Jippie!

To Dad,
You are my hero
You have shown me so much of God's character
Wise words and advice you've given me,
and you've loved me
I know I can always come to you
and talk to you about everything
Thank you for being a part of my life,
for always encouraging me

I thank God for giving me such a godly and wise father like you
Thank you for teaching me how to follow Him,
and to love Him with all my heart
Thank you for printing His words into my heart
You have been such a good dad
and you still are
May God give you many wonderful years with Adriana!
I love you so much!

Your Daughter